Part I. Introductions

Name Tags: Take a sheet of paper that is being passed around and write/draw the following. After you are finished, we will go around and introduce ourselves.
  • 1. Write your name (or Nickname)
  • 2. Draw your family pet or pet you might get someday
  • 3. Draw your favorite vacation spot
  • 4. Draw your favorite food
  • 5. Draw your favorite sport or hobby
  • 6. Fold into a name plate and put in front of you on your table

Part II. Course Overview

Follow along as I review the following information all contained on the course site. After the review has concluded you will have time to complete the Student Instructor Agreement Form.

Part III. First Week Video


Get into four groups, watch the sample student video assigned to your group, and then respond to the following questions. You do not need to write out full answers to the questions. Just be prepared to discuss your findings with the class.
  • 1. What WOVEN mode do the students in the video anticipate will challenge them most and why?
  • 2. How do the students in the video plan to overcome their anticipated challenges?
  • 3. What’s one moment in the video where the student could have taken advantage of the medium? For instance, how might a video about the potential pressures of oral communication telegraph those pressures visually to offset pressures a project poses?

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group  4

Invention Exercise

Respond to the following on your own or with a partner. As soon as you have finished drafting (5-8 mins), draw your visual representation on the board:
  • 1. What course assignment & mode do you anticipate to be most challenging?
  • 2. Why? That is, how has the mode challenged you in the past?
  • 3. How do you plan to overcome the challenge?
  • 4. What is one image you can use in your video represent the challenges you perceive?
  • 5. Draw the visual representation of your challenge on the board.

For Next Time…

Please complete the following for Thursday August 23
  • 1. Draft of script, outline, or rough video for workshop.

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