1 November. Video Invention Activity & Wasteland.

Featured Image: Wasteland, Vic Muniz (PBS)


  • 1. Thanks for your patience with Tuesday’s cancellation.
  • 2. ENGl 1101. F2 & N1: Video Editing Workshop on Nov 6. ENGl 1101. D2: free period Nov 6.
  • 3. Please note also, Tuesday, Nov 13 and Thursday, Nov 15 are video group conference days, which will be held remotely. See below and the the calendar for your group meeting assignments. Please submit to me, in advance of your conference 1. a draft of a script and 2. a draft of Story board.

Tuesday, Nov 13: Video Group Workshops

Group Number Student Names Meeting Time
G4 Mark, Tejas, Jiale, Akhil 9:30-9:50
G5 Jarod, Elton, Esther, Sanyu 10:55-11:20
G6 Thiago, Danya, Akshay, Elias, Ashley 10:20-10:45
G10 Danny, Maya, Kyle, Rishi 12:00-12:25
G11 Henna, Lauren, Jeremy 12:30-12:50
G12 Shrya, Greyson, Alvin, Summahay 12:55-1:15
G16 Kevin, Jason, Brett, Wyatt 1:30-1:50
G17 Shakeeb, Mitchell, Michael Tang, Andy 1:55-2:20
G18 Thomas, Kenny, Michawel Chen, Kiet 2:20-2:45

Thursday, Nov 15: Video Group Workshops

Group Number Student Names Meeting Time
G1 Zeyu, Enerelt, Jialou, Firaas 9:30-9:50
G2 Brandon, Max, Hannah, Hui Min, Dorian 10:55-11:20
G3 Jintong, Fei Pei, Hae Won, Eni 10:20-10:45
G7 Patrick, Margaret, Mathew, Mai 12:00-12:25
G8 Melissa, Samantha, Henrick, John 12:30-12:50
G9 Dov, Omar, Dustin, Giancarlo 12:55-1:15
G13 Brandon, Ravi, Andres, David 1:30-1:50
G14 Ben, Anna, Siddarth, Cecelia, Andrew 1:55-2:20
G15 Thomas, Kenny, Michawel Chen, Kiet 2:20-2:45

Group Video Project Preliminary W/S

Take 15 minutes to get into your Video Groups and complete the following:
  • 1. Review the Video Assignment
  • 2. Generate a list of possible Video topics.
  • 3. Assign roles/divide workload and also schedule meeting times.

    While I encourage you to meet on your own as needed, I have also set aside class time for you to meet Please note Nov 20 is a “Video Editing Day,” where class does not meet face to face. You are also free to meet during class time on the day you do not have your Group Workshops.

Vox Media, “The Environmental Cost of 2 Day Shipping,” (2017)


Student Teaching: Vic Muniz’s, Wasteland (2010)

Group Numbers Student Names
G3 Jintong, Fei, Hae Won, Eni
G11 Henna, Lauren, Jeremy
G15 Maya, Manisha, Avni, Jennifer