11 & 13 September. Poster Sessions.


Set up by taping your posters to the white boards around the room.


As the presenters set up, we’ll go over a few ‘best practices’ for responding to presentations

Audience Best Practices


Try to keep the following in mind as you listen to the presenters’ pitches:
  • 1. What sort of development project does the speaker present?
  • 2. According to the presenter, what makes the project sustainable?


Keep the following in mind as you look at the presenters’s posters:
  • 1.How the poster respond to the rhetorical situation, i.e. illustrate an issues related to sustainability trough a local/national development project?
  • 2. How does the poster catch and sustain your attention via design choices: alignment, proximity, contrast, chunking, etc.?


Synthesize your looking and listening into a question that helps the presenter make connections and/or advances their project or your understanding:
  • 1.Key terms: I like that you drew our attention to ________ project. I wonder if you could say more about how Caradonna, Morton, or Clark’s terms describe the project you illustrate.
  • 2. Imagery/Design: You do a really nice job illustrating ___________ in___________ portion of your poster. What guided your design decisions?
  • 3. Scaling up: I love that you chose to illustrate _______ as an example of ________. What does the development project you chose say about the context in which it was created? Does the issue you chose challenge assumptions about the defintion of sustainability?   

Presentation Groups

ENGL 1101.F2

Dates/Time Presentation Groups
Tuesday, Sept 11 Group One: Hannah, Enioluwa, Enerelt, Fei, Thiago, Esther, Jintong, Brandon, Akhil, Jarod, and Hae Won
Thursday, Sept 13 Group Two: Akshay, Hui Min, Mark, Qichen, Dorein, Elton, Tejas, Firaas, Elias, Ashley, Zeyu, Sanyu, Max Jialuo, Danya, and Jiale

ENGL 1101. N1

Both Poster Sessions will be held in Hall 102, the room across from our classroom.

Dates/Times Presentation Groups
Tuesday, Sept 11 Group One: Samantha, Henrik, Lauren, Alvin, Dustin, Summayyah, Melissa,  Omar, and Henna
Thursday, Sept 13 Group Two: Kyle, Rishi, Patrick, Danny, Margaret, Grayson, Giancarlo,  Mai, Shreya, Jermey, Dov, John, Matthew

ENGL 1101. D2

Dates/Time Presentation Groups
Tuesday, Sept 11 Group One: Brandon, Michael Chen, Benjamin, Anna, Andrew, Andy, Kevin, Maya, Yeajin, Jing Xi, Jason, Wyatt
Thursday, Sept 13 Group Two: Kenny, Manisha, Yue, Shakeeb, Siddarth, Avni, Brett, Ravi, Kok Wei, Michael Tang, Mitchell, Andres, Kiet