4 September. Metaphorism & Arguments


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Discussion, Bogost, “Metaphorism”

Take a minute to look over the questions. Be prepared to cite text from the article as we work through them.
  • 1. Before turning to Bogost, let’s briefly define our first terms: what does it mean for something to be “bad”? OR, what are all of the ways that the adjective in our course title signifies?Also, what’s a “collection”?
  • 2. How does human perception account for the interaction between objects? What are the limits of human perception when it comes to understanding the relations between objects?
  • 3. What is a Foveon sensor? How is the Foveon sensor a “concrete example of metaphorism in practice” (71)?
  • 4. What challenge does metaphorism (i.e., showing how to perceive as a human can be like how it is to perceive as a thing) raise questions of ethics (i.e principles that guide virtuous behavior)?

Poster Invention Exercise

In order to generate a topic and claim for the Poster project, let’s work through the following:
  • 1. Take 5 minutes and make a short list of “Bad Collections” you are interested in using for this project
  • 2. Take 5-10 minutes and choose one bad collection from the list you generated and then write a short paragraph in which you argue how the collection you chose illustrates a key concept from Benjamin, Herring, Bennett, OR Bogost
  • 3. Be prepared to share your findings with the class. While you are not required to submit this exercise, but keep it to include in your Final Portfolio as a process document.

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