RQ: Just Eat It

Keep the following questions in mind as you watch Just Eat It. The questions are designed to guide your reading practices and our class discussions. You are not required to provide formal answers in class or online.

1.What challenge do the filmmakers set for themselves and why?

2. How long is the challenge? Why don’t they do it for longer? What does the length of the challenge say about the sustainability of their project?

3. What are some underlying causes of food waste in the US and Canada? How do your food waste habits contribute to the problem?

4. According to the documentary, how is food wasted at all stages from farm to table? Is one stage of the process more wasteful than others, why/why not?

5. What solutions does the film suggest will reduce food waste?

6. Why are the aesthetics of what we eat so important? Do you ever buy or eat fruit that is bruised or oddly shaped? What would it take to change the ways Americans value food?

7. Should supermarkets and food production/transportation facilities provide public access to food that would otherwise be thrown away, why/why not?

8. Why is food wasting acceptable where, say, littering is not? What would it take to make wasting food as taboo as littering or smoking?

9. How have cultural norms around food waste shifted over the last 100 years and why?

10. Why do we have expiration dates on our food? How do expiration dates contribute to waste?

11. What major visual and rhetorical choices do Grant Baldwin and Jen Rustemeyer use to communicate their goals? Which visual/rhetorical choices are most successful and why?


Just Eat It Official Website

Food Waste Teaching Resources

John Oliver, “Food Waste,” (2017)

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