First Week Video


Upon completion of Common First Week Video, students be able to identify:
  • 1. Course learning objectives
  • 2. Elements of WOVEN 
  • 3. Personal learning objectives
  • 4. Rhetorical techniques for engaging audience in all WOVEN modes required to make the video


Successful First Week Videos must be 60 to 90 seconds in length and accomplish the following:
  • 1. Introduction: Begin by introducing yourself (name, major, hometown) and identifying your course (teacher, theme).
  • 2. Argument/Through-Line: Your video should articulate a challenge relating to one of the modes—written, oral, visual, electronic, or nonverbal communication—that you’ll be engaging with in class projects this semester. What challenges do you expect to face in relation to this particular mode (use specific examples from your past experience)? How might you overcome these challenges (again using examples from your past experience)? You might also use this assignment as an opportunity to set goals for yourself in terms of a specific mode of communication or in terms of development of a specific skill.
  • 3. Accessible: Make sure the video and audio are legible regardless of the tool you use to record or your submission method.
  • 4. Planning: In planning this video, you need to create a script (or at least elaborated talking points) and bring it to class in a format of your choice on Aug 23. Consider that for most people speaking at a normal conversational rate, a half-page paragraph (in 12-point Times New Roman, double-spaced, with 1” margins) is equivalent to about one-minute of talk, so your 60-90 second video will have a script that’s one-half to three-fourths of a double-spaced page long.


To record your video, use an easily accessible technology, such as your (or your friend’s or classmate’s) smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer with webcam and mic. You can also use resources available to you on campus:

Canvas Submission Guidelines

To submit the URL of your Video to Canvas, please complete the following steps.
  • 1. Export/Upload your video to YouTube
  • 2. Once uploaded, click the “Share” button to the right and beneath the video
  • 3. Copy and paste the URL generated into the Canvas text box
  • 4. Note: Please DO NOT upload mp4 files to Canvas, or I will ask you to resubmit


The First Week Video will be assessed as follows:
This diagnostic assignment is worth 5% of your total grade. While I will base my feedback on the Common Feedback Chart, please note that the following will be used to determine your final grade:
  • 1. Does the video address the situation (and assignment) completely? Does the author address the assignment/situation with unexpected insight? (20%)
  • 2. Does the video clearly articulate a unifying argument/goal? Does the video, “Articulate a challenge relating to one of the modes—written, oral, visual, electronic, or nonverbal communication—that you’ll be engaging with in class projects this semester,” and explore at least one portion of that challenge in depth? (20%)
  • 3.Does the author develop his/her claim through “specific examples from [his/her] personal experience”? Is the evidence paired with analysis? (20%)
  • 4. Does the video sustain the claim throughout?  Are transitions from one piece of evidence to another clear and logical? Is there a conclusion? (20%)
  • 5. Does the video use the affordances of its mode to enhance the goal/content? (10%)
  • 6. Does the video demonstrate that the author planned and rehearsed drafts? (5%)
  • 7. Does video meet grammar, mechanics style, and syntax conventions with few or no errors? (5%)