4 October. Hamlet 3.3-3.4 & Paragraphing

Student Teaching

Group Number Student Names
G5 Jarod, Elton, Esther, Sanyu
G12 Shrya, Greyson, Alvin, Summahay

Preservation & Hamlet 3.4

Please complete the following in groups of 5. Once finished, write your textual examples board.
  • 1. Find a textual example (approx. 5-10 lines long) from Hamlet 3.4 in which Hamlet accuses his mother of challenging, or even obliterating, his ideals of the heroic father.
  • 2. Underline the key words or phrases that you think Hamlet uses to convey to his mother the ways she challenges his idealized concept of his father.
  • 3. Why do you think Hamlet’s project, i.e. his attempt to preserve his father in both his mind and the minds of others, keeps failing? 

Elements of Analysis Paragraphs

Please include following elements in each body paragraph you write for your paper:
  • 1.Topic sentence: restates claim to transition from previous paragraph and introduces new information to follow.
  • 2. Transition from topic sentence that sets up the citation. Describe the context and/or major theme in the citation you plan to include next.
  • 3. In-text citation in MLA format. Remember format long/block quotes accordingly.
  • 4. Close analysis: pick out one or two key features from the bit of text you cite and explain how those features help you understand the passage, the play, and/or the major themes of the paper.
  • 5.Tie your analysis back into the larger goal/claim of the paper and set-up your transition to the next paragraph.


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