27 November. Video W/S


  • While revision is built into all major assignments, during the semester you will have the opportunity to revise one major assignment that earns a B- or below. If you wish to revise a graded assignment, meet with me during office hours or by appointment to discuss steps and due dates. The revised assignment will receive an entirely new grade (not an average of the old and new grade).

Extra Credit

  • If you want to earn 10 extra-credit points, come to class with a draft of your portfolio and be prepared to discuss your composition process with the rest of the class on Tuesday, Dec 4th.

Video Workshop

Get into your video groups and discuss the following. I’ll come around and chat with each group. If possible, be prepared to share drafts of your video.
  • 1. What is the central topic and claim about the topic?
  • 2. Who is your audience and how have you utilized the affordances of video to capture your audience’s attention and persuade them of your claims, i.e. transitions, different types of footage, sound queues, a central narrative or narrator, etc.?
  • 3. Are you having any problems with the form or content? Are you having any work flow problems?

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