23 August. Genuine Collecting & WOVENText


  • Nice to meet everyone on Tuesday! Does anyone have any questions before we get started?
  • Go ahead and navigate to the course site engl1101fall18.mckennarose.org to follow along today
  • Just discovered you are using a different edition of WOVENText. I’ll revise the page numbers on the Cal tomorrow. Today’s discussion that comes out of WOVEN & Benjamin will establish key terms. You can consult the course texts as needed over the course of the semester.

Part I. Critical Communication


  • Take five minutes to generate a list of characteristics you think define a “good” college writer or “good” college writing, and then write one characteristic from your list on the board.
We’ll work through the following question about WOVENText as a class:
  • 1. According to WOVENText, what are the three “critical concepts of communication” and how do those concepts help make good writing possible (36-43)?
  • 2. According to WOVENText, what is “Code Switching“, and what are common modes of address? How do these terms effect how you write an email (21)?
  • 3. What is the Comm Center? (11 & 25-28)

Part II. Collectors


Take five minutes and respond to the following prompt without stopping and in the tool of your choice:
Describe in 5-8 sentences the process of unpacking the boxes and suitcases of things you brought from your old rooms/houses to your dorm room. Are you completely unpacked? What does the act of unpacking feel like?

Walter Benjamin, “Unpacking My Library: A Talk About Book Collecting”

We’ll work through the following in discussion. Please be prepared to point to specific moments in the text as you respond:
  • 1. According to the first paragraph, what is the goal of this essay, and what techniques does Benjamin make to achieve that goal?   
  • 2. What are some characteristics of the “genuine collector” according to Benjamin?
  • 3. How does a “genuine collector” acquire his books? 
  • 4. In the conclusion, as he is nearly finished unpacking all his books, Benjamin returns to the mysterious relationship that owners have to things they own when he says,  “ownership is the most intimate relationship that one can have with objects” (67)? Why does he think that this is so?

Part III. First Week Video W/S

Take out your script draft and then be prepared to answer the following:
What are some “affordances” of video? What is one way you plan you use video’s affordances in your first week project?

Canvas Submission Guidelines

To submit the URL of your Video to Canvas, please complete the following steps.
  • 1. Export/Upload your video to YouTube
  • 2. Once uploaded, click the “Share” button to the right and beneath the video
  • 3. Copy and paste the URL generated into the Canvas text box
  • 4. Note: Please DO NOT upload mp4 files to Canvas, or I will ask you to resubmit



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