18 Sept. Poster Reflection & Hamlet 1.1


Take five minutes and respond to the following. Be prepared to share your answers in discussion:
  • 1. According to your First Week Videos, what WOVEN mode did you anticipate offering the most challenges? How did you address challenges you perceive in the mode you discussed through any portion of the Poster assignment? 
  • Mahara How-To

    Student Teaching Groups & Date Sign-up

    • Get into your assigned groups and them fill out the Student Teaching Date Preference form below. Just fill out one form per group, please.

    ENGL 1101.F2

    Group Number Group Members
    G1 Zeyu, Enerelt, Jialou, Firaas
    G2 Brandon, Max, Hannah, Hui Min, Dorian
    G3 Jintong, Fei Pei, Hae Won, Eni
    G4 Mark, Tejas, Jiale, Akhil
    G5 Jarod, Elton, Esther, Sanyu
    G6 Thiago, Danya, Akshay, Elias, Ashley

    ENGL 1101.N1

    Group Number Group Members
    G7 Patrick, Margaret, Mathew, Mai
    G8 Melissa, Samantha, Henrick, John
    G9 Dov, Omar, Dustin, Giancarlo
    G10 Danny, Maya, Kyle, Rishi
    G11 Henna, Lauren, Jeremy
    G12 Shrya, Greyson, Alvin, Summahay

    ENGL 1101.D2

    Group Members Group Members
    G13 Brandon, Ravi, Andres, David
    G14 Ben, Anna, Siddarth, Cecelia, Andrew
    G15 Maya, Manisha, Avni, Jennifer
    G16 Kevin, Jason, Brett, Wyatt
    G17 Shakeeb, Mitchell, Michael Tang, Andy
    G18 Thomas, Kenny, Michawel Chen, Kiet

    Student Teaching Date Preference Form



    • Given what you already know about Hamlet and/or what Stephen Greenblatt covers in the introduction, in what ways is Hamlet psychological? In what ways is the play political? 

     “Who’s There” (1.1.20): Nonverbal Communication & Interpretation

    First, what are some characteristics of Nonverbal communication and how does Nonverbal communication effect meaning?

    Get into pairs and choose one person to play Barnardo and one person to play Francisco.

    Read through the lines according to the directions below, and then be prepared to share your interpretations with the class

    • 1. Read lines 1.1.1-1.1.20 with no inflection
    • 2. Read lines 1.1.1-1.1.20 and emphasize the psychological themes audiences can expect from the play 
    • 3. Read lines 1.1.1-1.1.20 and emphasize the political themes audiences can expect from the play


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