18 October, Hamlet 5

Student Teaching Groups

Group Number Students
G4 Mark, Tejas, Jiale, Akhil
G16 Kevin, Jason, Brett, Wyatt
Please get into groups and discuss your responses to question that corresponds to group number. Once finished, draw your response on the board:
  • Group 1:How does Hamlet react when he finds out who’s skull he’s really holding (5.1.3373-3382)?
  • Group Two:How does Hamlet react when he finds out that Ophelia is dead and about to be buried (5.1.3471-3481)?
  • Group Three: Is Hamlet different when he gets back from his sea adventure (5.2.3669-76)
  • Group Four: What final, dying request does Hamlet make of Horatio and how does Horatio respond (5.2.3916-3824)?

Writing Workshop

  • 1. How to insert images? Any MLA or format questions?
  • 2. Write your paper topic/argument on the board.
  • 3. Discussion: What are you doing in your concussions? OR what does your essay have to do with environmental devastation and/or Climate Change?

Sample Essay


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